Aneva By Anex

Aneva By Anex

Aneva By AnexShop like a rock star and be escorted home with your purchases!

Musicians have always had incredible dress sense.  Whether it makes you ache with envy or cringe from disbelief, style is ever present in the life of the rockstar.  This could well be because celeb status often comes with a ‘free to be bold’ token, which allows one a certain degree of flexibility in presentation.

Local musicians ‘Aneva’ recently teamed up with South African designer Ana Anastasiou (branded Anex) to create their own collection of clothing, known as Aneva by Anex.

Aneva by Anex was designed to make you feel like a rockstar, exhibiting a youthful trendy collection of denim, lace and sheer fabrics.  The clothes are stocked at Stars SA in Morningside, home to the designs of Ana Anastasiou.

Stars SA is a delightful new concept store in which all items are inspired by a celebrity.  It provides you and me the opportunity to shop like a star without feeling larger-than-life or too bold for comfort.  At the same time you are welcomed into the store on a red carpet and a suited young gentleman greeting you at the door.

In true celebrity fashion, Stars SA also offers shopping after hours.  They will personally close the store on your behalf if you wish to shop alone.  Wait for it, they also have a courtesy driver that collects you from your destination and back according to your needs. Stars SA will deliver items straight to your door.  Now if that’s not living the high life, I don’t know what is.


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