ANEX is the exciting new concept store, where each individual garments forms part of a celebrity inspired collection.
ANEX brings out the star in you and therefore we provide only the Star quality best collections for you and your shopping experience.

For your convenience we personally cater to your clothing needs. We personally close the store on your behalf if you wish to shop alone accompanied by a personal body guard in store. To add to a relaxing experience at ANEX we deliver items to your door as well as the option of having our courtesy driver collect you from your destination and back to your specifications.
ANEX is open to every woman with the aim of making each one feel like a celebrity, giving them a VIP experience to remember. From the moment they walk in, they are greeted with warm smiles, helpful attitudes and are assisted in choosing the perfect outfit for their body type and personal style. Everything about ANEX is one of a kind and allows you stand out from the rest.



Recently Ana has been preparing for significant brand expansion, planning to launch a leather-goods lines under the label RAW by AFRICAN SKY.
The finest quality crocodile, ostrich, and snake leather is to be combined with colourful textiles to produce artistic, one-of-a-kind handbags and pieces of accessories.
The goal of each item is nothing short but taking the breath away of the the first time viewers.
Get ready to embark onto a unique journey with African Sky…




Flamboyant /flamˈbɔɪənt/ tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary).